Our research program seeks to define key signaling pathways essential for cellular homeostasis with the overarching goal of developing novel therapeutic options for patients with kidney disease.

our Research

1. Identification of key mediators of podocyte injury and loss.
Our group showed that the glomerular slit diaphragm molecule dendrin shuttled to the podocyte nucleus to promote apoptosis. We subsequently showed that dendrin gene deletion slowed the progression of glomerular disease in CD2AP null mice by inhibiting podocyte injury and podocyte-mesangial cell crosstalk. We also demonstrated the role of fatty acid induced podocyte injury mediated by endoplasmic reticulum stress.
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2. Hippo-YAP signaling pathway in podocyte survival and beyond.
The Hippo pathway controls organ size and cell survival in model systems most extensively studied in the cancer field. Our group has identified a role for Hippo signaling in podocytes where we found that its effector molecule YAP is a dendrin inhibitor essential for maintaining an intact glomerular filter.
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3. Actin cytoskeleton dynamics and integrin-mediated adhesion in podocyte homeostasis:
Podocytes are terminally differentiated cells with a limited capacity to regenerate. Their role as the key target cell for injury in proteinuric kidney disease coupled with a lack of cell-specific therapy for clinical use makes understanding their complex molecular architecture essential. Our work has contributed significantly to the identification of the actin bundling molecule synaptopodin as a target of cyclosporine, and clarified the role of B7-1 and Rap1GAP in podocyte adhesion and motility
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4. Novel therapeutics for glomerular disease:
A central goal is to improve treatment options for patients with glomerular disease. Given lack of FDA approved therapies for conditions like FSGS we have participated in clinical trials designed to test the efficacy and safety of promising new therapies
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